Dear Buddhists, While offering flowers to the Reverend Buddha,what if one has the intention to become wealthy?

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I am quite fascinated by this verse
If you make offerings by showering
Excellent flowers upon the Sangha, you will enjoy wealth
greater than that of Indra.
You will become beautiful as the lord of the lotus.
You will become renowned with supreme fame.
You will instantly be victorious over
All foes, all the time.
You will become the lord of the land
Shall I too offer with this intention to earn the above mentioned attributes?

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When you understand that true wealth is the value of the self, that the true beauty is knowledge of the self, that the true renown is accepting the self, that true victory is overcoming the self… then perhaps.

Upasakha Jason

If you offer with those intentions, then you’ve missed the point of the offering. What good does it do to make offerings when one’s mind is clouded with greed?

Captain Spaulding

ya know i can understand digging on muslims and christians because more often than not they are shoving their religion in your face, and acting like school children saying my god can beat up your god. buddhists are quiet peaceful people i have never had a buddhist knock on my door and ask if ive “heard the good news”, the intention of your question sir was to take a dig at them. that they do not deserve. Oh and to my knowledge Buddha wasn’t a reverend he was a prophet if your gonna dig on a religion at least know what your talking about.

truth be told

I’m a Buddhist and I can tell you straight up that the verse is a total distortion of the Buddha’s teachings. However, many who became Buddhists out of faith and have no real understading of his teachings associate the Buddha as one of the gods they pray to, especially Taoists who are pseudo-Buddhists thinking that the statue they pay to will bring them whatever they’d wish for. This is a very sad misconception. A delusion among many is that they think Buddha is in there in the statue that he’s God and whatnot. The truth is he was a human and he is no longer here. Only his teachings remain. Any offerings or bowing down to his statues are merely practices that strengthens humility and respect for what the Buddha represents. Flowers in this case is a reminder to all that everything is impermanent.. the flowers will wilt away in no time. Reminding and Understanding this fact will spur Buddhists into practicing and performing wholesome deeds with a sense of urgency and diligence. Any actions motivated by greed is unwholesome and therefore should wisely be abandoned.

Amish Fighter Pilot

Making offerings to the Buddha is absurd. The Buddha taught that offerings were pointless, and that you should give food or clothing to monks or beggars instead. The Buddha was not a mythical being, but rather a pathfinder, showing the way to those still struggling to reach the goal. If the Buddha even said such a thing, I’m sure it was a metaphorical statement.


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