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Dealing with people who give negative energy?

There are certain things people do and say that trigger off a negative energy that prevents me from being happy and comfortable as a person.
There are people I have to socialize with and work with who have so much negative energy and rude personalities that I wish it would be so easy to just walk away when they are around me….But I always can’t due to the fact that I must work with these people in an environment where everyone is very social with one another. If I ignore them in any way, then it is me that comes off as the person with a negative anti-social attitude to everyone else who is around me, including those I do like being around with. In today’s society, you can be a nice and quiet person, but if you aren’t a “team player”, it doesn’t matter how nice you are or if you are happy or not. Many people only care that you are a team player.
For me, giving a fake smile, pretending I like everyone and acting like everything’s A-Okay just makes matters worse as I’m just lying to myself. If I go around telling people that I can’t stand them when they say this or that or do certain things, then it is me who causes people to talk about me behind my back as the guy who is either being rude by ignoring people or getting easily upset.
How else can I keep a social behavior amongst people who trigger off the negative energy that makes me unhappy?


  1. Short of avoiding them at all costs, learn to look at them as needy people. People who are lacking something major in their lives. Hopefully by seeing them in this light you will better tolerate them. Smiling and smiling, even when we feel it’s fake, does make us feel better, so maybe that’s the approach you will have to take. Fake it ’til you make it seems to make sense in this case. Just do NOT let them drag you down to their pit of despair. I had people like this in my office and I called them crepe hangers and doom and gloomers to their face. I told them that they love to wallow in gloom and rain on everyone’s parade but that they weren’t taking me down with them. Some apologized and made an effort to be more “up” and others got angry. At least I let them know that I was going to be positive and that they weren’t going to ruin even one minute of any day. Good luck.

  2. Some folks are just plain IMPOSSIBLE people.
    I act a little different around them, but certainly I am only doing so to avoid confrontation. These negative people are pests. Treat them as such.
    It isn’t easy, but they dehumanize themselves, and you should too. It will be easier to see who is real.


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