Deadliest warrior……Kung fu master vs Anderson silva?

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Ok in your opinion who would win.
a kung fu master who trains 8 hours a day at a temple with training in Qigong,sanshou,internal martial arts,shuai jiao, animal forms…..ect
vs anderson silva
how would the fight go.
and please……dont turn this into an argument. its just for fun
personally, iam a fan of MMA and traditional arts

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they’d both some out and the “Kung Fu master” would slice anderson silva’s chest in half with the top of a hook sword.


Silva would win. Shaolin kung fu spends a large amount of time training with weapons. This training wouldn’t help in an MMA fight. Likewise, all the time spent “harnessing his chi” wouldn’t help at all. And the hours upon hours of flashy, elaborate katas would be good exercise, but would not help nearly as much as modern training techniques and sparring. Shaolin monks are amazing athletes, but their training is largely for show. They make a living putting on demonstrations for tourists. I would love to see one in the UFC – maybe he would prove me wrong.

James D

pretty even.
I mean if the kung fu dude did all of that conditioning he should be on par will silva and if he partakes in sanda matches which you have listed he would have some sick kickboxing skills.
Only the ground game is missing.
I say silva wins mma match by submission.
Or kung fu guy wins kickboxing match by tko.
Or streetfight it depends who has a weapon.


A Kung Fu master would crush him.


Anderson Silva. There has already been a contest between an MMA fighter who was challenged by a so called Kung Fu master, who used to show videos of lightly touching his students and making them pass out.
The MMA owned him. I think it was the first time that the Kung Fu “Master” saw his own blood in a long time. LOL!!
See video below:


a Shaolin monk competed in pride once.
If i remember correctly he lost in 30 seconds.


silva is best p4p

mike quach

anderson IS a kung fu master. but he would never admit it. Its part of his secret training.

Darklord Arckaneus

Silva is a Kung Fu master. I can tell by his move set . Also, those who reference the older fights are going by outdated information. There are Shaolin Kung Fu fighters who participate in combat sports, but they’re not Monks. One of these fighters is “Yi Long”. He’s actually pretty good. He fought IFK Champ Brad Riddel and lost, but only by points because he literally stood there and let Brad hit him for like 20 seconds. He won the rematch by points and also won a fight against a Navy Seals Thai Kickboxing Champ by KO.


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