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De ja vu, supernatural, possibly Telepathy?

See, i’m getting a lot of de ja vu recently. I have a group of friends that all have supernatural abilities. Telepathic dreaming, Seeing/sensing ghosts, or even KNOWING random things that they shouldn’t. Also, my sister’s boyfriend is a Wiccan, and i believe all of them. My friends, my brother-in-law, and now i’m starting to think i’m expiriencing something, too. I’m playing a game on the computer and all of a sudden i could SWEAR i’ve been in the situation before. Yea, De Ja Vu. Now, is this just because games are getting less and less creative, or could i possibly have supernatural capabilities aswell? Like telepathy? My friends suggested it might be from my dreams. So, for about a week, i had a journal that i wrote dreams down in. I never wrote any, because they were all too weird, though. They couldn’t possibly BECOME real (i dream of fantasy, or extremly weird occasions where characters/places switch appearance and stuff just like when you’re reading a book and you’re proven wrong). So, any tips? Help?
scratch the part that says “telepathic dreaming”. My friends have PSYCHIC dreaming, not telepathic.


  1. Um u must be really youong cuz ur letting this all go to ur head. U can have up to 3000 dreams in one night but not remembering them all so atleast one might be a scenario of what cud happen on a day to day basis. ive had dreams that look like real life and ive seen them but I dont think fantasy dreams and stuff will come true u must be under the age of 10.

  2. yea happens some times. dont be scared it acuttaly really cool and tells you what would happen but you can control your self in real life. but not on your dreams

  3. Hi from France ♫
    Déjà vu don’t exist, it’s just our brain which categorizes the present instant as a memory. Thus we believe we already lived it !! It’s just a bug from our brain so… All people have this regulary… Just a bug !
    Have a nice day,

  4. Any tips? Learn how to think critically about things. Learn how to do some real research. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or hear from your friends. Stop thinking you’re special.
    Deja vu is not supernatural. It has a natural explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Déjà _vu
    There is not one shred of evidence that supports the existence of ghosts, but lots of natural explanations about why people think they experience them.
    No one, anywhere, ever, has been proven to be psychic. They all fail under controlled testing. And we have sound natural explanations for why people believe they and others have psychic powers.
    For years now, skeptic organizations around the world have had huge cash prizes available for anyone who can demonstrate anything supernatural under mutually agreed test protocols. No one has ever come close to winning any money.
    It might be fun to think we have special powers, it might seem cool to believe in the paranormal, but let me assure you that the science of the real universe is a much more awesome, exciting, humbling and spiritual than any old-school superstitions ever were or ever will be.
    Got three and half minutes? Watch this thought provoking Carl Sagan “Pale Blue Dot” video, you’ll enjoy it:

  5. It’s possible I usually have dreams about normal life and soon after word it will happen, like once I dreamed I was doing a presentation on something I didn’t understand in my Science class, next week we did reports on physics and I didn’t understand it at all. It’s perfectly possible that you are having psychic dreams or visions while you sleep.

  6. Your question has a lot of mixed up things in it making it difficult to give you a good answer.
    Everyone has psychic abilities and can choose to develop them or not. If you are one that wants to develop them, the best foundation information is available in The Anointed, The Elect, and The Damned! because you can develop them from a point of KNOWLEDGE not ‘belief’.
    There is an example of clairvoyance that you can test for yourself right away. It’s in chapter one.

  7. Not many people have psychic dream, it might just be going to your head your worried or scared so much so everyday just take a break from everything and have a nap or a glass of water.
    (just dont think about it)

  8. I get Deja Vu 2 – 3 times almost everday. When it is about to happen, I can feel this energy go through me and when it happens exactly, I remember it as it goes on. Its freaking awesome but I don’t know why I get that a lot.


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