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David Wilcock on time travel….(sounds crazy, I know)?

I just watched The 2012 Enigma and at the very end he mentions that things like time travel, levitation, and telekinesis will become very common within the next couple of years. Now, did he mention that people will time travel with their actual bodies, not etheric bodies? And will people be able to go to the past as well as the future?
Trust me, I’m not crazy lol.


  1. Not at all…I am absolutely convinced highly evolved Beings already do this here on Earth.
    I am sorry, I have not seen that video yet.
    But from pleadian channelings, we will build time-traveling devices for your physical body in 20 years. 10 years from now, inter-planetary travel will be the norm when our gov disloses the fact they have star-craft.

  2. Energy travels in time. Whenever you think about an event in the past…energy travels there. Same goes for the future.

  3. You’re not crazy unless you actually believe any of that hogwash. Even then you’re not strictly crazy, just remarkably gullible. None of those things will happen, and when 2012 comes and goes Mr. Wilcock will just say that he got the dates wrong because the future is ‘foggy’.
    Wake up, smell the coffee, and grab a clue to go with it.


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