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Dating through astrology? true or false experiences?

Have you ever dated someone that was a horoscope sign which is said to not be compatible with yours? (for example – pisces with leo)
did it work out between you or not? How accurate do you think signs are when determining a couples compatibility?
according to my experience, leos always want to be in the spotlight, and libras are VERY brash in relationships! i could elaborate more but would take too long, so more importantly, i want to hear YOUR findings!


  1. If you believe in this horoscope signs for dating and reality you are in a looney world….this is nothing but hocus pocus and b/s…..
    Whoever started this horoscope crapola has baffled the public for many, many years now…..trust me it is nothing but hocus pocus and b/s…..dont beleive any of it.

  2. Personally, I wouldn’t trust astrology in general, because it seems odd to me how dates can mould your personality. Go and experience relationships, but don’t base your life around what astrology says because you are what you are. Have fun and experiment with people, no matter what star sign they are.
    Hope 2008 takes you to exciting places… Good luck!

  3. I’m a Leo and dated a Pisces for awhile ….. i truly tried to make the relationship work ‘cept he kept trying to drown out my hopes (my FIRE) and aspirations with his Water sign….. sorry but just didn’t work out for me…. I’m much happier without him and now trying to find compatible sign that allows me to blossom unheeded.
    good luck with your search for your compatible partner in life


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