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Damaged cartilage in knee, what are the best ways to help it heal and what is the average healing time?

My boyfriend has damaged the ligament in his knee and now the doctors think he may have also damaged the cartilage. This has been going on for about 2 months and now he is waiting to have an mri to see if the cartilage is damaged. He has been told to rest of course but does anyone know anyhting else that can help? Many thanks


  1. do not put it in any kind of strain for about a year take fish oil pills daily this builds and lubricates your cartilage and it does not taste like fish at all and take some ibuprofen on the days it bothers him

  2. I had something similar when I played high school football (it ended my desire to play my freshman year), and the best thing to do is keep it immobilized. I can’t really think of any other treatment other than rest and keeping it still.

  3. Cartilage won’t heal itself. When I damaged mine I had to have keyhole surgery, the doctor trimmed off the torn part, took six weeks before I could play sport again

  4. This is the absolute truth. I was a game warden’s deputy, a cop, and held a number of other trusted positions ~ you can trust me.
    I was working for the Salvation army as a volunteer; but I got a wee bit of a cold and given the number of bullet wounds I’ve suffered over the years was A TAD worried about dying of pneumonia. So after less than two weeks ringing I felt forced to quit and told the post commander.
    Well, apparently someone had bet that the only way I wouldn’t show up for work would be if I were kneecapped. So on the way home, I was approached, asked politely to reconsider and then when I wouldn’t, drugged then shot.
    A passing lawyer helped me home (yes, they are good for some things ~ I guess). I didn’t quite know what had happened, I’d also been given that “date rape drug” so that I wouldn’t recall for years even being shot.
    So, I thought I’d had a seizure. I’d been shot in the head as both a game warden and cop ~ and etc. ~ I have the occasional shake. And who would expect to forget a kneecapping? And thrashing about one does tend to bump things sometimes.
    Awfull lot of blood for a scraped knee though… and when I got home to bandage it I couldn’t figure out how I’d also managed to put a wound on the other side…
    Well, I had thanks to the “date rape drugs” (these cause amnesia).
    So, as the lungs were feeling better I changed my mind the next day, and as one only needs one good leg to ring the bell and expected that I would soon recover from my “minor bump” from falling down in the road during a seizure ~ as that was what I thought was causing the excruciating pain in my knee ~ I went to work ringing the Bell.
    It turns out that vertually nobody survives unscathed a 9mm bullet through the knee. This type of wound usually results in perminant disability.
    But, I’ve never required surgury (doctors have discussed it with me ~ but it’s never been done, risks / benifit being what it is).
    And I rang pretty much the whole year, pretty much over 10 hours per day, six days a week as I recal.
    So get a Salvation Army Bell, and ring have the boy go to someplace very cold ~ I live in Bangor Maine ~ and have him “tough it out” FOR God.
    If he’s half the man I think he is (after all he’s got you, I don’t seem to have anybody some days), then he’ll do well.

  5. If he is young, he may heal with high doses of the right vitamin. If he has torn the meniscus, it is more likely they will have to operate. I had one mine operated on recently and it was horrible for the first few days but very quickly got better.


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