Dalai Lama vs. Barack Obama – Who would win in a fight?

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Dexter Morgan

Dalai Lama because his brain has superpowers.


Dalai fo sho!


obama….he has many many people backing him.


Barack Obama because God is with him

FineLarry says Stercus Accidit!

Obama, all he has to say is, “Win and you get Nuked! Simple Mofo.”

Heavy Metal Jesus

President Obama.
The commander-in-chief of the U.S. military tends to have a distinct advantage in confrontations.


Obama will tke his master weapon and shoot all over the Lamas face.

Mike M (number 3)

dalai lama because obama throws a ball like an old lady and he probably fights like one also

Froggies angel

Both are pacifists really so there wouldn’t be a fight 🙂


The Dalai has a wicked left.


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