Dalai Lama: Questions?

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If you were to meet the dalai lama and you had one question to ask him what would it be?

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Jeff M

When does he think he might get it right??


I would ask him to become an Ally of Hell’s Army.


Are you allowed to have sex ?

The God Thor

The only questions I would ask him would e about the claims that he can remember his past lives and that he has spiritual powers. Of course he would not answer them because it is against the Buddha’s teachings.


How do you find peace with yourself.


Why doesnt he go back to Tibet to face the music, surely if hes arrested by the chinese, the world would not stand for it. Why doesnt he make a stand for what he believes in, instead of hiding out?

mark s

how can we all get along in peace ?

Yeshe Tsomo

How can I assist you, to spread your message, of peace, love and compassion?
May all beings have the sources for peace and happiness. Yeshe Tsomo.


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