Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa peace conference?

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How do you feel about this?
South Africa gained it’s freedom from an aggressive regime which discriminated against the indigenous population.
Shouldn’t they support another country that is being subjugated by a foreign power?
Selling ones integrity for a hand full of silver ……… is it worth it?

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It is a crying shame when you deny a peaceful man to spread his words and beliefs. I’m glad the US doesn’t deny him access to our country. He is welcome here and received well. There will be a lesson learned here. And the Dali Lama will be the one to deliver it.


It is a very poor state of affairs. You would think that they could see the irony, if not the hypocrisy, of their refusal. I guess the clue we see in the article is the possibility that China has pressured them to do that.
Their excuse is quite transparent and just pathetic.

Lily of Valley

So what type of ‘peace’ are they promoting then ?

Back to the drawing board

I think it’s because the SA government, and other African governments are more concerned about their economic and political relations with China than any principles of freedom. Scary stuff.


They soon forget- they were given their freedom but can’t see they are not the only ones being discriminated against!


piece conference in South africa?
Why not baghdad…is the world gone really mad?

Ivan R

(ANS) Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa peace conference?
THIS IS 100% TOTALLY DISGUSTING !! yet more oppression from the Chinese so called communist party. They want to wipe out the Dalai lama and the ancient culture of the Tibetain peoples. They want to steal as much of Tibets natural resources as they can to fuel Chinese economic growth. But it wont work, especially now we are all faced with global recession, who is going to carry on buying yet more stuff imported from China.
**Even China is now feeling the effects of the global downturn.


ummm Tibet is a region not a country according to present history. It has been part of China for more than 60 years. It is like asking Hawaii or Alaska to give back their land.


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