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Culturally Speaking: Why do you think the most beautiful women are the most sensitive and self conscious?

A lot of men don’t know this but if you tell a beautiful woman she’s ugly it’ll bother her for a good while. Matter of fact the most beautiful women secretly don’t think they’re that attractive. Psychology is one of my hobbies and favorite things to study. So I’m trying to figure out the correlation between insecurity and self consciousness and beautiful women. What do you guys think?


  1. Generalizing here, but Ugly woman accept the fact that they will always be ugly and focus on other aspects of themselves. Pretty girls feel like they have to meet a standard or expectation all the time. The aging process hits them the hardest.

  2. I believe they will have been made aware of their ‘good looks’ obviously earlier in life, and to be told otherwise shakes the foundations of their comfort zone. It all boils down to them hanging on to their looks as the only worthy thing they have to offer society. Shallow.

  3. Believe me. Once you are beautiful you are EXPECTED to stay beautiful. Attractive people have a lot of stress keeping themselves up. Almost all their lives they were put on a pedestal. Sometimes they don’t know how to cope around real social issues (depending on if they were taught and self image and moral values). They are too used to being catered to and too used to solving their problems with looks. Some attractive people cope through life by looks and not rational. Because they solve problems/issues in everyday life with looks, they become insecure over whether they look good enough. So basically, some attractive people don’t see the world like the average person. An attractive person sees the world as something they can solve their problems with by using their looks. If you look good, of course you will be pressured by society to keep it up. If you don’t keep it up, society sure will talk about you.

  4. I have my bachelors in psychology and you are correct. But i also think it applies more to people who actually strive on their looks more than other areas. Like if someone who works on the way they look is told they don’t look good of course it will bother them. But if you are attractive but well versed and have other things to fall back on instead of looks then its not a big deal. Looks aren’t everything and women should strive to be more than just a pretty face because looks do fade.
    I think I’m fairly attractive and confident. Men come and go no need to be insecure over just one.

  5. I think it’s because if they have the smallest flaw then it’ll give them the sense that they’re not perfect thus unattractive when in fact it makes them human and less intimidating.

  6. they probably think its too good to be true and then doubt turns into denial..which is why some pretty people are such snobs or just overly depressed

  7. To answer your details (not question):
    Beauty is universally subjective. Universal because everybody has an ideal of what’s beautiful. Subjective because everyone has a different idea of what beauty is. With that said, what could be beautiful to you may not be beautiful to my and visa versa. Most women who think there ugly are the ones that have been convince that they’re ugly and that may not be true to you, that’s why beauty is universally subjective (because you may think she’s beautiful but, she feels that she’s ugly)
    Subjective: only exist inside the mind of an individual.
    universal: exist in the mind of all individuals
    Anyway, what exist inside the human mind doesn’t really exist. For something to exist, it most be made of energy or matter (substance)
    To answer your question:
    You’re generalizing, there some beautiful who are cold hearted, egoistic and just bad.

  8. Women always under-estimate how attractive they are. Face it, from a guys perspective almost any woman looks good with her clothes off in the right light.


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