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CT Scan Results On My Head, Need To Know What They Mean!?

I got a letter with my CT scan results on my head today and haven’t been able to set up an appt with my doctor yet to discuss what these results mean…here is what the report says. If anyone can shed any insight on what these results mean before I meet with my doctor, I would be so grateful. Just want to know what I’m dealing with. Thanks so much!
FINDINGS: The visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear. The visualized intra-orbital contents appear unremarkable.
Intracranially, the ventricular and cisternal spaces are normal in size, shape and configuration for a patient of this age. No dominant mass, midline shift or hydrocephalus. No intracranial hemorrhage or extra-axial fluid collection. There is a focal hyperdense region posteriorly at the midline in the region of the pineal gland. This most likely represents a confluence of normal venous structures.
IMPRESSION: Focal hyperdense region posteriorly at the midline, in the region of the pineal gland. This most likely represents a confluence of normal venous structures. A lesion in the pineal gland is less likely. Further evaluation with MRI with and without contrast is recommended to confirm this.
– I’m 24 and have been having problems with headaches and a very low libido. So, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it at all?


  1. Im no doctor but it sounds like your normal. Shouldn’t your doctor tell you what it means and what you need to do? I would call him and tell him the results and get his opinion.

  2. Reads normal to me, but I’m not a doctor. So the good news is you don’t have anything wrong with your head, so far as this test indicates. The bad news is that you’ll probably need more tests to figure out your headache and libido issues.

  3. One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do research on. Other then that it could just be stress, maybe the kids, really anything that makes your life stressful can do this and lower the libido.
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    Well have a good day and hopefully you solved your problem.

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