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Crystal meditation?

I have had a few times where I have used crystals to: heal, meditate, and gain naturual chakra. My question (if anyone knows about this subject enough) can you gain physic energy through this? Because I have seen things the night or week before they happen since I have opened up my chakra points. And any additional information about crystal meditation it would appreciated aswell.
Serious answers please


  1. You have answered your own question.You are using psychic energy when you achieve the things you are doing.It is not the crystal that has the power,it is you.But you need to be honest about”seeing” things.I am a psychic and I “see” heaps.As far a cystal meditation,I would Google it in.Be careful opening up Chakras.You can get into serious trouble if you mismanage them.

  2. It depends somewhat on what crystals you are using – each one has a different effect, but the energy of crystals in general has a lot in common with intuition, psychic knowledge, seeing auras, angels, and channeling – all the spiritual abilities that relate to knowing things.
    I have heard that the people from http://www.michaelteachings.com have some good information about crystals – apparently there is a book that explains very clearly what each one is for, and how to use them.
    They also know a lot about psychic abilities and channeling – maybe they can help you.


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