When a crystal says semi precious what does that mean?.
Is rough cut stronger energy than a polished of crystal?.



  • the crystal simply magnifies the energy of the person using the crystal. the healing energy actually comes from the healer. semi precious means it is not like a diamond but more easily found. quartz crystal is most often used is healing.

  • ‘Energy’ is a measurement of a system’s capacity to do work. It is an attribute of something; it does not exist in some pure state. The measurable forms of energy associated with a crystal may include potential energy; kinetic energy if you toss it; piezoelectricity if you apply a mechanical strain to it – thats about it. They do not possess some magic biological healing force.

    So to explain crystal healing; it’s new age baloney – typically a scam to sell overpriced stones that takes advantage of gullible people who tend to think magically rather than critically, while taking full advantage of the placebo effect.

    Aways be skeptical of non-conventional ‘healing’ methods purchased from woo merchants, either well meaning or otherwise.

    Having said that, crystals are awesome rocks well worth collecting and enjoying for their natural beauty.

    EDIT: @John Whittington: I don’t believe a word of the first part of your answer, so perhaps you can explain:

    How does a crystal ‘magnify’ energy?
    What is ‘healing energy’ exactly?
    How does it ‘come’ from the healer?
    What is the evidence that this phenomena is real and not made up?

    Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, but there is a danger that people reading this who have real illnesses may forgo proper treatment in favor of such dubious therapies. Looking forward to your answer, I’m always willing to change my mind pending sound evidence.

    EDIT: John? Are you not prepared to back up your claims? Or were you just speaking nonsense?

  • no.

    Precious is like diamond or something equally expensive
    Semi-precious is a pretty coloured stone with rare minerals

    cut and rough-cut refer to the state they are delivered in. Rough cut is what you would take to a jeweler to turn into something pretty by re-cutting, cut is what you take to a jeweler to have set into a piece.

    Nothing at all to do with energy

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