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crystal healing ?

have you had any experiences with crystal healing


  1. yes, I use crystals to heal myself and cleanse my aura during meditation. I find it very calming and helpful. I sleep with smokey quartz under my pillow to help aid restfull sleep and good dreams and clear quartz and amethist at my bedside to cleanse me and empower my intuition.

  2. I use a large clear quarts crystal to purify my aura sometimes. Other than that, I mostly just use crystals for divination.
    Joe Knows,
    I really think you should try crystal healing. I have no doubt that it could heal you of that “fully functional brain” you’ve got there. 🙂
    You know, Galileo was once considered the biggest idiot in existence…until science advanced far enough to show that it is sometimes good to be an “idiot.”

  3. Sorry. I have something I like to call a fully functional brain. But if I was an idiot I might use crystals to cleanse my aura.

  4. In my experience I have used clear Quarts crystals to remove dark energies from afflicted areas but have had little success in using other crystals for actual healing. But if the affected area can have the damaging energies removed the body can and does heal itself. Peace&Love be with you…~M~

  5. Crystal therapy is a gentle and peaceful ‘rest and relaxation’ therapy. It is designed to allow you to begin the self healing process. It can be used with any other treatment, conventional or otherwise with no side effects. By giving yourself rest and relaxation time, you instruct you body, mind and sprit to do what it naturally does the best and that is to heal itself and return to an even balance. Always see your gp for any condition, physical or otherwise that is causing you concern.

  6. Short answer – yes.
    Longer answer, I’ve been playing with crystals for healing and meditation for about 14 years now. The combination with Reiki and herbs (comfrey mostly) helped me to beat the odds and heal a knee injury. I now climb mountains again instead of limping around on a brace and a cane like the doctor’s said I would. Before that, they called to me in the woods and on the beaches.
    My recommendation, start with Quartz. They are relatively cheap and can be used, with training and focus, to achieve any goal that can be achieved with any other stone.
    Sit and meditate with whatever stone people call your attention. They have much to teach you if only you will listen to them.
    Otherwise, find meditation groups, like minded people, etc. If you’re inclined to take a class, do so. Otherwise, eventually the stones gently guide you where you need to go (a quiet inner voice, usually).
    I can tell stories, but you should just have fun.

  7. yes, I love them & use them for healing. Once I used rose quartz (which is known as the the heart stone) for a broken heart & it really helped. I could feel the difference.
    I have a whole collection of them.
    Some really good books which I can recommend to learn about the different healing properties of each:
    The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
    Love is in the Earth by Melody
    Crystal Therapy by Direen Virtue & Judith Lukomski

  8. Yes, I love rocks and crystals. They are gifts from the Earth and they have so many different purposes to help us in our life. I think my favorite piece is my Celestite. It looks like blue quartz. It is for angelic communication and peaceful sleep. I have it by my beside, I just love it. I also love to wear them. I have a lot of beaded jewelry that I made and I often wear certain stones depending on what kind of day it’s going to be or what kind of pick me up I need.
    I love the book that was mentioned above me “Love is from the Earth” by Melody but that is a heavy duty, really into stones type of book. If you are just starting out “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall is a lot smaller, less expensive and focuses on the common crystals. Melody’s book is really awesome though. 🙂
    Oh yeah and ditto on the book by Virtue, great one as well. 🙂


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