Crystal Healing – to treat R.S.I?

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Is it possible to treat or ease RSI using crystals? If so which crystals would do the job? I would like to buy a crystal for my brother (if he won’t laugh at me!) how do I choose a good crystal for him?
He’s seeing a physiotherapist because he’s a drummer and has been getting really painful wrists – it’s improving now since he got his neck cracked to align the spine and nerves, but maybe there might be a crystal he could have by him whilst he’s sleeping to help it from getting worse again?

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Forget the physio and crystals go to a healer

David G

of course not.
this is Planet Earth not Hogwarts.

Joey P

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thats funny. your waisting your money buy him a year supply of advil


Keep with the physiotherapist. He also might want to begin taking a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement. This is awesome for joints as it lubricates the joints, repairs the joints, and stops the inflammation. For a crystal, you might want to get a Tiger’s Eye with some turquoise. These are often made into awesome jewelry for men, so he wouldn’t need to know your purpose in the gift.

Pooh Bear

I dont believe it is possible to use just a crystal. Yes, they do have restorative powers and connected with other treatments you could do worse than pick a crystal in a bracelet – much in the form of a copper band to try and help. You need to address why you have the rsi – see if you can change the way in which you are using the joint in question. There are good joint supplements on the market. Alternatively you can use a topical (applied to the skin) preparation using essential oils and aloe vera. The oils to look at are Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Roman Chamomile and Wintergreen. Dont put the wintergreen with the roman chamomile though as they tend to work against each other. The clary sage and black pepper oils are used for the deeper tissue and muscle work. I am a professional oil therapist and health dowser. These are the four oils that came up for your brother. Made up into a preparation he can put on prior to and after drumming he may find some relief from the symptoms. If you want any more help would be happy to oblige.

Jonathan Lake

Hi there,
RSI is an injury to the nervous system and therefore the following are great stones to help combat the affliction:
Blue Coral
If you would like to find out more click my name on the comment and it will take you to my Crystal Healing website
Good Luck


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