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Crystal healing question.?

I’ve been looking into using crystals for healing. Is there any crystals which protect against electromagnetic field radiation, raise your mood, and open your third Eye and increase your connection with the Source in order for your consciousness to expand faster?


  1. Actually, tektites protect against EMFs. Wear a couple small tektites in your pockets especially when going through the airport or grocery store lines. Places with high EMFs. I put it in either side of my bra sometimes. I don’t find it to be a super third eye type stone but it does help with the electrical field pollution.

  2. The EMF you’re exposed to on a daily basis has been shown time and time again to have no deleterious effects. The last attempt I’m aware of that people used to claim it did had to do with breast cancer and melatonin levels. Several studies proved that hypothesis wrong. Cell phones, computers, power lines, etc cannot cause cancer!

  3. Amazonite , Black Tourmaline , and Diamond, are good for all those things. Black Tourmaline is the most uplifting for the mood, although Amazonite does all four things effectively as well. Diamond works more against the electromagnetic smog etc but it links to the crown chakra not the third eye, which is actually a more effective link to the source than the third eye. Anyway , all three are good for the things you asked about, just remember all crystals are most effective when programmed. Have fun 🙂


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