• I actually put mine inside a prepared container and set it outside for three days and three nights. The container is ritually charged to protect it from negative energies, but will accept a positive flow. SIDENOTE: After proper cleansing and charging, a quartz crystal can be ritually prepared to do anything any other stone can do. Quartz crystals are a LARGE part of my ritual stone collection.

  • yes, i think so, but like most things i think the sun gives things that oomph , you know that burst of energy, like we still go about our day when its cloudy, but when its sunny, we all smile too
    so why not the same for them

  • Like attracts like.
    Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes.
    the subconscious identically creates.
    ~ Brian Adams

    I like the answers about the crystals lying under the earth for many years… That seems very logical, actually.

    And the Placebo affect! it’s awesome!!!!!!! Keep the crystals if it creates health/happiness/cures for you. Many Christians think it is witchcraft? I don’t know about that. There are healing properties of all kinds of things, including Tea Tree oil and herbs. Why not magnets? Science says we have energy fields aroudn our bodies… and that giant power grids do cause cancer.

    Your crystals are way less harmful than conventional “mainstream” mutliple vaccines containing mercury!!!!!!

  • No they cannot. They also can’t recharge any other time, because there is no “charge”.

    Shiny =/= magic

  • The healing crystals you buy in shops lie underground for millions of years. Once quarried, they are packed into boxes, and moved first to warehouses, then to shopwindows in malls.

    They don’t need direct moonlight – ever.

  • Rocks /crystals can’t heal …it is just a mindset that many think they can heal.. there isn’t any evidence to back up the healing “powers” of crystals anywhere..it’s more of a crutch than a Christian believing cross can heal them

  • Depends on how thick the cloud cover is… Generally it would just take more nights but as long as there is SOME light I suppose it should refill eventually.

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