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Crystal Healing Powers?

I wear a Crystal Quartz around my neck, which means its visible to others. Now, I know that they have healing powers but I’m not sure which type of crystals do what and how many types are out there. Any HELP would be appreciated, please no rude or offensive answers. Thanks in advance.


  • Perhaps a little history for the people of varying beliefs.
    Crystals do give off vibrations and do store energy ==> that is why they were used to create the “math co-processor” in computers that were built from 1960’s up until around 1990’s sometime.

    So, now that we understand crystals vibrate, store energy, and are utilized in manufacturing, scientific research [lasers, etc.] and in various other applications, we should really stop the snippy words when one is earnestly asking a serious question.

    Why is it such a leap of understanding for some to realize that man has utilized various types of crystals throughout history to create something of help and value? Healing energy focused through a crystal has been a mainstay for some cultures. Just because some people are ignorant [not stupid] of that fact…doesn’t mean there is no value in a crystal.

    Do check out all of those great websites you were offered. My husband gave me a double headed smokey crystal for an engagement gift which I dearly love. Don’t ignore the other rocks and minerals like amber, etc.

    There is a learning curve to crystals and anything else that you might use as a tool. Practice and a calm mind go a long way in helping you to succeed.

  • There’s a fantastic book you might want to check out. Its called the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall .ISBN-10: 1582972400, ISBN-13: 978-1582972404

    Basically its a very detailed reference book. It lists crystals alphabetically. It includes quality photos of each crystal both in its raw form as well as polished. Including info on the typical colouring and other visible characteristics, where in the world they are found, and how rare they are.
    Further, it as a write up about common uses including how to use each for healing.
    It also includes ideas for meditations, details about how crystals are formed. The types of common shapes and what they do etc.

    Its a great book, I think you will love it.

    I hope that helps.

  • I’m afraid someone has been lying to you – stones have no healing powers. How could they? They’re atoms arranged in a grid pattern – that’s all a crystal is. The truth is not rude or meant to be offensive, it simply is. And the truth is that the idea of stones having powers of some sort is a very old superstition and not based in reality.

  • “Now, I know that they have healing powers” — actually, you BELIEVE that they do. You don’t know that they do. And in fact, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that these crystals have any healing powers. It’s a mystical faith belief. And you are certainly in your right to hold such a belief, but since you’re asking in the Science & Math category, I felt you deserved a scientific answer.

    There is a huge variety of crystalline substances on this earth to choose from. For example, just in your kitchen you’ll find crystalline substances such as salt, sugar, baking soda, etc. The granite counter top and even the metal spoons, knives and forks are crystalline. Even the polypropylene plastic soda bottles are partially crystalline. So my answer is to wear any type of crystal you think works. The only thing you’re actually getting out of wearing a crystal is the placebo effect, so choose the one you like the best.

  • There are crystals for every chakra in your body. The exact number of crystals is immense, too many to name here.

    Crown chakra: located at the top of the head, reacts to clear crystals.
    Third eye chakra: located on the forehead, between the eyes, reacts to purple.
    Throat chakra: located at the larynx position, reacts to blue.
    Heart chakra: located at heart level on the sternum, reacts to green and pink.
    Solar plexus chakra: located at the bottom of the sternum, reacts to yellow.
    Sacral chakra: located at the top of the pelvic bone, reacts to orange.
    Basal chakra: located at the base of the spine, reacts to red and black.

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