I am interested in crystal healing and i am trying to build/find a complete crystal healing kit.
-If i was to put it together myself; What should it consist of? Where can I buy the product?
-If i was to buy a complete crystal healing kit; where can i buy it?
Thanks 🙂


  • You can buy potassium permanganate in pharmacies. And Dave, it’s used in hospitals mate.

    EDIT: Maybe hospitals should be investigating potential adverse effects from all these crystals they have everywhere. OMG they could be seriously interacting with each other and causing who knows what sort of serious health problems. Crystal energy is obviously very powerful!

  • lmao, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel sometimes 🙂

    Crystals don’t heal I’m afraid, that’s why you won’t find them in hospitals.

    Edit: That’s true Gary. Mind you, the salt in the saline are crystals too. Anyhow you know that it’s the body healing itself don’t you? And nurses are just there to look pretty?

  • “I agree pretty much with Haz.”

    oh dear. Good one Haz! Now be gentle on the reeling in.

    I agree totally with Haz. You could also try your local parks, quarry, beach.

  • I agree pretty much with Haz. You have to find stones that resonate with your energy. Buying a premade kit won’t give you that. Select your own stones/crystals carefully. Don’t look so much at what the infomation says each stone is good for, just pick it up and see how it feels. If it feels right keep it/buy it, if not, let it go. It is very much an individual process.

  • Save yourself the money and just use stones from the garden. They are every bit as effective for realigning chakra and curing cancer. Keep them in a little velveteen drawstring pouch and no one will ever be able to tell the difference.

    edit- erm….*sheepish grin*

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