Crystal healing for a stroke victim?






My friend’s partner has just suffered a horrible stroke and i feel so bad, i just want to do something.
I was wondering from other crystal enthusiasts, which crystal will be the best for the stroke? and healing the damage it caused?


  1. Crystal is a dangerous thing. If you are asking this queston, you wouldnot be adept in doing what you intend to do. Better leave that to masters. You would do more damage than good by experimenting. with best wishes.

  2. Try the book Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue
    The quick index in the back doesn’t have a specific one for strokes but it has:
    Blood: Carnelian & Hematite
    Circulation: Citrine, Pyrite & Ruby
    Also in the area of alternative medicine I am a huge believer in Therapeutic Touch – It helped me a great deal when nothing else did. So much so that I decided to learn it :o)
    Good luck to your friend!

  3. Please ignore any cruel, insensitive, insulting replies. It is lovely that you feel you want to help a friend in your own way.
    Melanite is a type of Garnet which is used by Crystal Therapists to treat strokes and Ilvaite is used for hemorrhage but both may be quite hard to find. Petrified or fossilised wood is an easier to obtain crystal that helps those suddenly affected by a disease or condition to help adjust to their new situation.
    If you are not a Crystal Therapist, please do not try to apply a crystal to directly help the healing. I would suggest taking a look at crystals, either online or in a shop, while having your friend’s partner in your mind. This way, a crystal or stone more suitable for them personally may show itself. Purchase something that is tactile and that they can hold easily in the side that is not affected or a piece that they can have sitting by their bedside.

  4. Please ignore any cruel, insensitive, insulting replies.
    For strokes you want to use several crystals.
    Something in a white or slightly transparent colour. I find methamphetamine crystals to be particularly helpful.
    Take care.

  5. spiritual healing and reiki for sure will help as well as looking into the work of edgar cayce
    Cayce treatment
    This is of such length and detail a physician may be needed to interpret correctly
    William Mcgary MD research director of the Cayce association makes quite a few comments from the Cayce viewpoint.
    Stroke is usually associated with high blood pressure .In the malignant form there is a sudden massive hemorrhage in the brain tissue causing a sudden loss of consciousness and coma.
    Stroke is a disease process involving primarily the circulation system, this includes the make up of the cells the substances within the blood, the flow, the circulation, the pressures throughout the circulation system, the integrity of the vessel walls .
    The control of the circularity system as a whole lies within the sympathetic nervous system. Factors, which undermine the circularity system, are Poisons throughout the liver, spleen and pancreas brought on by poor elimination’s, improper diet and assimilation and over exertion — too much for the body to stand. Incoordination between the deep and the superficial circularity system is by itself a major factor.As pressures vary throughout the system depending upon the health of the body there might be swelling of the arteries, blood vessels or disturbances in the lower spinal cord or weakening of the blood vessels of the brain. Increased pressures of the system may bring on symptoms such as pain and or breathlessness .The approach by Cayce varied depending upon the severity of the case and if consciousness was lost and if people were coming to him after several months after the stroke took place.
    Several principles were outlined.
    1.Keep the circulation from progressing to a more toxic level.
    2.Eliminate poisons that have accumulated and stimulate the elimination systems.
    3. Remove pressures on the sympathetic centers and the locomotory centers.
    4. Aid the body in rebuilding to normal.
    Mental Attitudes were also very important and if the person has no real desire to regain good health and is not willing to be persistent and consistent little can be done.
    The general regime for acute stroke would follow upon these lines.
    1. Enemas perhaps two or three times the first day then daily thereafter.
    2. Osteopathic adjustments to bring balance in the sympathetic and to stimulate elimination gently at first and more vigorously as healing progresses.
    4. Balance to the body should be achieved by painting of the skin followed by hot Epsom salt packs or massage of the spine and the extremities in a general manner. As strength is regained activity should be increased.
    6. Diet very light foods such as juices, coddled egg, toast or food well cooked as in a broth .As strength is regained simple foods should be given .No fried foods no pork, no white flour or white sugar substances. Spaghetti, tomatoes and white bread should never be combined. Fish fowl and lamb are the best meats. Cereals should never be taken the same day as citrus fruits.

  6. Though you are well intentioned, crystals don’t do anything.
    Don’t give your friend false hope; pretending you’re doing something when you clearly aren’t helps no one. Leave their treatment to the doctors.

    • Actually, if you wake up from your TV induced coma and realize that that western medicine is about to undergo a paradigm shift informed by quantum physics and energy science. Energy and consciousness are becoming the primary factors concerning health and modern western medicine is as backward as one-handed arithmetic. It only treats the symptoms and rarely heals the problem. Get your facts straight before you piss on people’s bonfires. If you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say it.

      • Wow, awesome response to some closed minded individuals!
        My father had a stroke a couple of years ago. Since then I have become a certified crystal healer. Kyanite and citrine have been very effective in clearing blockages while pyrite has been stimulating growth and rebuilding of synapses.

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