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Crystal healing- can anybody do it or is it just certain people with certain talents?

I have a haematite stone necklace , i know it is supposedly god for anaemia and i have anaemia. when i wear it i notice that my energy levels seem to be higher than normal . im not sure if this is just because it is in my mind that the stone is for anaemia so could someone please give me a decent answer ? – thanks for reading


  1. No one can do it – it is a new age con trick! Utter, utter rubbish with no foundation in science and reality!

  2. Yes crystal healing is real; it can be done with any crystal. Many people do this on a regular basis.
    Yes anyone can work with crystals. Some people just have more of an affinity for them than others.
    Hematite is very good for those with anemia. It is a very grounding stone. Hematite is high in iron content.
    You can also wear bloodstone to help with anemia.
    As for energy, try a citrine or carnelian. Those are fairly easy to come by and not too expensive as a tumbled stone.
    I will also say this….
    Your belief, or faith, is also what helps the crystal to work for you. But even without your belief/faith, the crystal would still emit the energies it emits because that is what it does.
    Crystal Blessings

  3. Hi there,
    As others have said, anyone can do crystal therapy although if you intend on doing the more complex side of it, I would invest in some good books at least or get into regular contact with someone that works with crystals and has a good knowledge of them. Haematite is a lovely stone for the blood and is especially ‘cooling’ for it. It is also a really good ‘grounding’ stone. Another excellent one is Bloodstone. This one is a great energy restorer and again works very well with the blood and circulatory system.
    A good book to get for a beginner is Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible. This goes through choosing, cleansing and caring for your crystals, as well as explaining some of the properties and uses of individual stones.
    Remember to cleanse and recharge your necklace regularly. This can be done by placing it on the windowsill over night or smudge it first then recharge it. Just do not put it in water, being a metal it does not like water too much.
    Any red or orange crystal can also increase your energy, so experiment with say a red jasper or a sunstone or carnelian.
    Another point to remember is that crystal therapy should never take place of a visit to your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your health. Crystals can support whatever treatment the doctor suggests and should therefore not be relied on as the sole cure.
    If I can help you further or answer any other questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me via my email address.
    I hope this helps and I wish you a bright and happy future 🙂

  4. Avondrow is exactly right, it belongs with homoeopathy, acupuncture, faith healing and laying on of hands, they all work (sometimes) by the placebo effect.
    The placebo effect should not be taken lightly, it can be very powerful which is why it’s always used in clinical trials of new pharmaceutical products.
    James Randi who examines all claims of the paranormal will give you $1,000,000 if you can prove that it works.
    Remember the saying, “extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof”

  5. Its crystals that have certain properties not the person. A good book is Denise Whichello Brown’s book A Begginers Guide to Crystals.

  6. Anyone can do it, not just psychics and other spiritual people. You just have to learn to open up more and tune into the energy and be more open to the possibility. Try reading some books about the subject or google it as well to get more detailed information.

  7. I can do it and I think everyone can. Maybe it’s like breathing, everyone can do it but some better than others.


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