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Crystal healing anyone?

I really like the sound of this, i bought some crystals but would like advice on the best ones, and just general info. Do you do healing? Does it help? Experience etc.


  1. Hi. You sooooooo have to message me about this, as it’s what I spent 7 years doing!
    What cyrstals did you buy and why? Why those ones I mean.
    The best ones are those that you are drawn to.
    Always pick with your eyes closed.
    First cleanse them, using elemental methods, and then get a feel for them. A good guide is the colours of the chakras for each crystal you use. A clear quartz for your highest chakra etc.

  2. I do reflexology, aroma therapy and I use stones to clear energy. I use them on my computer so not to get negative energy from the net. And to clear the electromagnetic energy. I wear Citrine to protect from negative influences and helps with many positive influences. I use smoky quartz on key board and a quartz on the box. I use tourmaline also it clears negative energies quickly. I took some classes in using stones for healing but I found oils work better in general for me. You can put them in water and out in the sun and this purifies the water and brings energy. You can even put clear plastic with colors on the outside of glass when in sun to bring in color healing as well for the different Chakras. For example if one wants to heal kidneys use blue clear plastic. You can get books at the metaphysical book stores that tell how to use them. Using the enregies of mother earth are very wonderful healing tools. Thaks.

  3. I love crystals & collect them & have big collection. I have several books on them which are quite good.
    If you email me thier names I can tell you about their properties.
    always cleanse crystals when you first buy them & also every once in a while as they absorn negative energy. u can do this by running them under water & then placing in the sun (but sometimes the sun disclours them so I don’t ilke this method), I place mine in brown rice for 24 hrs (u can eat the rice after).
    PS. a good book you can get about crystals is called The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, it is a polouar one & is quite good.
    You can look up most crystals in it.


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