Crystal healing and gem stones. Whats your thoughts.?

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When you were a child and went to a beach did you like to pick up pebbles and stones. Wasn’t that something you did naturally. Therefor could it be possible that we are drawn to certain things without rhyme or reason subconsciously knowing they are good for us.

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I think it is more about the texture in your example we know stones as being rough so when we find a smooth pebble we prefer the smooth to the rough I think this may be more the instinct!!


good thought.

Gary Y

That’s rather a large leap there – if we are drawn to it, it must be good for us? I used to play with snakes and spiders when I was a child.
Crystals and gem stones have no healing powers. Pretty though.
“We can dismiss the pre-scientific belief in the magical powers of crystals and gemstones as due to the lack of scientific knowledge.”




I think there is something to crystal healing. Though it’s hard to find solid proof to back it up. It has to do with natural energies and harmonics and alignments. And I admit that some of it can be pretty out there. But other things about it seem to make perfect sense. If you’re considering looking into it further I suggest going slowly and doing a lot of reading. Keep your eyes wide open.


I never was drawn to rocks and i’m guessing if you believe this crap your smoking them.


Absolutely but it goes much farther then that. If you liked them then maybe not, but how about if you carried them home by the buckets, and how about if you did it into your adult hood? We are definitly drawn to the things that are good for us. They are good for us, believe it or not, take it or leave it. Good luck!

Part Time Cynic

They vibrate … we vibrate … could be more to it than is measurable by today’s machinery.


yes I totally agree. Just like herbs & flowers are healing for us. Nature heals, & as crystals are another gift of nature to us, they are healing also.

Angus R

how can a rock heal you..


i dont know much about the specific meanings of rocks and thngs but i have a positive thinking ring and it works a treat.


When I was a child I pulled a moony at my mum. She got really upset and I got a good shouting at from my Dad because she was upset.
Do you think I subconsciously knew that it was a good idea to pull a moony? No. I think not.
What a ridiculous question.


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