Crystal bath ball; does it really work?

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I have recently become aware of the really harmful amount of chlorine in our water and want to eliminate it where I can. Has anyone heard of/used the Crystal Bath Ball? Does it really work, or will I be just wasting my money? Any info will be great. Thanks
The Crystal bath Ball is a product that is supposed to remove the harmful chlorine in the water you bathe in. You can absorb more chlorine through your skin than in drinking chlorinated water.

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Where did u read that water has lots of chlorine?


mine broke and i only had it for a month, so i just got my pipes redone.

Suzanne Galloway Rainbow Raven

No positive proof either way, but it can’t hurt. Well water is the way to go if possible! Especially to drink….that is IF it is a decent well with low iron oxide content which makes the water sorta reddish tinted….my family has an excellent well that has great tasting water and it is easier on the skin and hair as well as the clothing.


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