Crystal Ball?!?!?!?






For crystal seeing or crystallomancy, can a crystal ball be substituted with a crystal pyramid or any other crystal based surface?


  1. I am not adept with crystal balls. I do know that it is a tool to help focus your abilities. A form of scrying like using a black bottomed bowl fill with water to help to find or see things. It has more to do with your abilities rather than the tool. I hope this helps.

  2. i would think so. the shape of a ball will direct energy differently, tho – so that may take some tinkering with your personal style.
    i had a small crystal ball for about 3 years. i could never really tune into its energy – but that is just me.
    maybe start with a smaller one and see if it works well for you. if not, then be open for another shape to come to you.
    bright blessings

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