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"Crystal Ball" found in Tyson chicken?

pictures here
I found this in my mouth while eating a Tyson Honey BBQ chicken strip, and I bit down on it quite hard but did no apparent damage. It looks kind of like a tiny crystal ball. It’s about 1.5mm in diameter and has a metallic plate fastened to it.
This is not intended to be a public accusation of a company or product. The product information is provided only to assist in identification of the object or in case of similar experiences.
I just really want to know what this thing is.


  1. Send it back to the company with a note including any codes available on the packaging, so they know at which processing plant to be more careful. It seems harmless and you don’t indicate any harm coming to you because of it, so please just let the company know it happened so they can be more careful. I’m glad no harm came of whatever it is.

  2. Could be a ball bearing of some kind from the processing plant. And thats the only thing I can think of it might be. Chickens on large farms are closely monitored and what they eat so I doubt its from the farm. Sorry to say I honestly dont have a clue

  3. don’t know what it is .. but guess what? YOU CAN SUE! it doesnt belong in your food and it could be potentially hazardous to your insides. if you have the energy then you’re in for some cash.

  4. I would do what the first person said. That sound really weird…..I think its part of a processing machine or something

  5. What an odd-looking little foreign object – glad you didn’t chip a tooth.
    A word of advice: if you decide to send it back, send it via Registered Mail, so that there is a record of them having received it and keep copies of all your correspondence.
    Good luck.

  6. first things first, before sending it anywhere, i would find a toll free customer hotline number and call there along with also sending an email. this way you get your voice heard not only in phone but the email. you can include photos in the email..save copies of all documentation. they can and wil be able to tell what it is and if it did in fact com from their plant. save the item for yourself. i would preserve it with time and date in a plastic ziploc baggie.wait till you hear from them. i would give them a week at best…if you dont gain anything from them, then perhaps try again…if again nothign consult BBB or talk to legal counsel…but i woudnt suggest sending it to them.. i strongly suggest phone calls and email with photos before doing anything else to see what they say.
    tell them exactly what you bought, when bought and where bought…include date and photos with email…


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