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Cross training QiGong with jujitsu?

Today I just thought up that if you’re in a submission, couldn’t you use qi to stop the pain or whatever? Just a theory.


  1. I’ve studied QiGong but never Jiu Jitsu. I’ve studied MMA and some Krav Maga but never been in a position to use Chi to lessen any pain or impact.

  2. Ok how about next time you got caught in a lock, don’t tap out and try use your Qi?
    Please let us know the result.
    If you live north from Sacramento, please let me know so we can test this little theory of your out. And no I’m not gonna to rely on Qi!

  3. Qigong won’t work under those circumstances, however yoga might work.
    True Qigong is not a myth. if you find the right teacher. Qigong doesn’t revive a dead person. But anyways a boeing engineer(someone’s dad) try explaining it to me for 2 hrs how a plane supposed to fly in the air, i still don’t get a thing he said. i just fly in it.

  4. People seem to have very strange ideas on the notion of qi. Qi can be compared to the ancient Geek word of pneuma which means breath. in Chinese the character that means qi is also used in the word for petrol and electricity. It basically means energy. No breathing, no energy. Breating techniques are the basis of qigong and is meant to stay healthy and vigorous. Through breath control you may keep your cool and stay relaxed and limit the pain you experience. Qigong can be trained in combination with any physical exercise.


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