Creationists: shouldn't we give equal time in science classes to astrology?

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JC is the MAN

Are there Christians demanding equal time to Creationism in Science class? Surely Not! Creationism at its core is a theological conclusion and not a scientific one.


yes, and alchemy as well. it would only be fair.

Scott M

They won’t see the parallel. They can’t. They have a vested interest in not seeing it.
Edit: JC is the MAN: Where have you been? Christian Creationists have been pushing for their superstitions to be taught in science classes for the past several decades.


And don’t forget the Flat Earth theory!

Runner 4 Life aka Nate

Isn’t your name a bit ironic?


I think we need to give equal time to Bumba. The God who threw up the universe.
Bumba was roaming through space and felt a little queasy, he threw up the stars, moon, planets, humans etc… After spewing everything, he withdrew from that area of space. Never to be heard from again.
So it’s basically Intelligence minus the Design.

Vernon Dozier

Right, add the I Ching in to the mix too. By the way, be sure to throw every other creation myth into the curriculum too. Why should we discriminate against Eskimos and their creation story? Eskimos are Americans too!
EDIT: Sacred W: You conveniently left-out the other 100 or so Nobel Science winners who were wise enough not to try to mix religion and science. Talk about cherry-picking stats!

Sinless Atheist

hahahahah That was a good laugh. Alchemy lol.

Pull My Finger

And what’s math class without a section on numerology?

Terry W

Mmmm interesting idea. And how about equal time for Wicca doing spells in physics


Great comments.
I really enjoy the Steiner cirriculem for children, from my point of view it’s metaphysics 101 and by providing a foundation that allows those inclined to pursue metaphysical material from a sophisticated viewpoint later in life.
I often judge a metaphysical group by how they address children’s development. It is so much easier for a person with a well rounded upbrinking to develop into a well balanced adult. I tell my children that I will introduce they to many different viewpoints but they need to decide what speaks to them.


wow … Dozier just got ripped a new one
This is a pretty dumb question though and the first answer should suffice
I’ve never learned creation in school, nor do I expect to learn all truth from a public institution


And Phrenology, the study of bumps on one’s head and how they relate to personality, and a daily leeching for everyone because leeches were once very popular and ancient people must have known the best thing because they’re so ancient, you’ve got to give them mad respect for being old, and I mean obedience.


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