Creationist always ask where the energy for the big bang came from?

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Yet they say their God just “always existed”
Well, if that is the case, then why couldn’t the energy just have “always existed”
I see no difference, except for evidence of the big bang, of course.

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Hymen Crusher

They’re not too bright.


ok, ive never asked that question as a creationist, so your first assumption is wrong. secondly, “evidence” for the big bang is ‘evidence’ for God as well. 2 different origins with the same out come. no one is ahead in that debate because their is no solid proof for either.

Abomination of Desolation #2

Logic isn’t really used in that religion.

bryan L

that only works when it agrees with their book


Well, there is a difference.
Christians believe in the possibility of things always existing. Christians are willing to accept things outside the laws of nature.
Science cannot. Science is about the laws of nature. The laws of nature says that something cannot come from nothing. There is always something…
Christians use this arguement, because it traps atheists in their own thinking. They might say, “We are not capable of understanding science any further to figure this out…” and its the exact same thing christians say, “We are not capable of understanding anything before God.”
Christians know its the same arguement, and thats why they use it. Because atheists are always saying “Who created god than?” And we just reply by saying “Who created the energy for the big bang?”
Its used to trap atheists, who think christianity is inlogical, even though its the same concept….


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