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Creationism as in Genisis vs. The Big Bang Theory – Are they really diametrically opposed?

I picture a scientist, a shinto priest, a rabbi, a catholic bishop, a daoist and an atheist sitting in a room. Each looks at a big white square and reports how many dots they see.
The scientist emperical evidence proves only 1 dot and says such. The zen monk says, I believe you need to study koan more to reach enlightenment – having reached enlightenment, I see more than 1 but less than 3 – you will know what that means if you meditate more. The rabbi declares with certainty that there are 3 dots – anything else is clearly false idolatry. The Bishop pipes in and says “Lord please save these people from the lies of the Devil – help them see the truth of 4 dots.” The daoist says nothing, knowing that to speak would be to cloud the truth of simply being 5 dots. The Atheist wonders how irrational – what kind of person ignores the logic of seeing 6 dots, but says nothing – sick of being lectured.
God looks down and thinks “soon they will see the entire cube as the die it is”
Sort of misleading I realize, but the heart of it is this. Is there any religion, science or any given perspective that is absolute or are we all just arguing over matters of incomplete perspective?


  1. Well, perhaps not if your view of creationism is not literal. But if you think God created the universe in seven days, 6,000 years ago, then formed Adam out of a lump of clay, then … yes, science and religion are very much in conflict.

  2. I don’t necessarily think so, but it depends on how you see the Big Bang. If you see it as being a purely naturalistic phenomenon, then yes they are. In fact, they are by definition: the naturalist and the Christian look at the same phenomenon (the evidence we have of the Big Band); but the naturalist says “see, it’s completely natural, no involvement from God” and the Christian says “but what was there before the Big Bang? what caused it in the first place? isn’t this an admission the universe is not eternal?”
    I’m not saying these are the only arguments either way, I’m just using them as examples. As I’ve said on Answers many times before, the facts are impartial: it’s the interpretation that’s based on world views.

  3. Scientist have formulated that the Big Bang theory could happen 1 in 2 billion chances – Timex could have an explosion in their factory and a watch be created, which was set to the correct date, hour, minutes and seconds, more times than the Big Bang theory being true!

  4. i love a good religion joke. and i’m christian.
    it really shows how stupid we can be when we don’t try to look in other people’s perspectives and let our ideas be clouded by our own “knowledge”


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