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crazy neighbor who painted her fence wont shut up…?

the old hag next to us keeps bitchin about weeds growin by her fence on our side. do we have to clean it up? we chop em down every once in a while, but it’s on the side of our house so we don’t really care. plus, there are some pretty yellow flowers i like, and i don’t want to get rid of them just because she decided to paint her fence.

in fact, she just harassed me this morning about the weeds, and i looked out there just now and there is only grass lol. wtf is this lady’s problem? do we really have to listen to her? i blew her off this morning and just shrugged my shoulders, and she mumbled something about if we don’t we’ll have to pay to get her fence repainted.


  • You are under no obligation to keep your yard in any certain condition unless it’s required by an HOA or city ordinance. I yanked all of the Asian jasmine in my back yard, but my rear neighbors have some that keeps creeping in. I have to either keep trimming it or hitting it with Round-Up. I would never been so presumptuous as to expect him to do work on his side that he finds unnecessary just so I can avoid work on my side. My side neighbor does nothing with her yard, it’s a mass of weeds and overgrown grass. but I just beat back whatever tries to get over or through the fence.

    The only responsibility you could possibly have is if you have a tree with branches weighing down that might actually do so damage by rubbing or in a big wind. But not weeds. Who is to say what a weed is? You like the yellow flowers. My sister says anything that’s growing where you don’t want it to is a weed, so that would include my Indian hawthorn.

  • Tell her she is being a bitch.Put her in her place.Jackasses like her are what screwed this world up in the first place.(think about it,nearly everything bad happened because someone is pissed off.I wonder why?)

  • Your yard is your yard and you do with it what you want to do.

    If your neighbor becomes overly dramatic to the point where you really dont want to deal with her anymore, you can always call the police and have an officer come down and tell her to back off before things get out of hand.

    Good luck with your pretty yellow flowers *evil grin*.

  • She is the one who chose to put a fence up flush against your property, and she is the one who chose to paint it. As long as your yard doesn’t look so unkempt it could drive property value down, a few weeds never hurt anyone. Tell her that it is your property, and what you do with your property is your business.

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