Home Discussion Forum Could/Does telepathy work? If so, how????

Could/Does telepathy work? If so, how????

like, can you read brainwaves and interpret them with a machine or can some people do that naturally? hmmm…. answers/theories please!


    • i have the ability to transmit my thoughts or requests to some people but not everyone.the longest distance that i have managed is 250 miles.

  1. If you imagine that a cell phone or computer can pick up on wifi signals and interpret them into pictures, sounds, and video. Then it makes sense that the human brain, which created all that technology could do the same.
    I think most people have had the experience of looking at their phone RIGHT before it rings. Or sometimes even thinking of someone, and then having them call you! So maybe our brains can detect the same signals that are going through the air that our phones are picking up.
    Also, in the Amazon river there are electrical fish, similar to the electric eel. They communicate via electric signals in the water. We could very well be doing the very same thing but with a different form of electricity but not realizing it or understanding it fully.
    Our brains are always giving off energy and brain waves (alpha, beta etc.)
    They just started to be able to tell what someone was seeing with a MRI machine with over 80% accuracy. they would show someone a picture, and then look at what the mri machine was seeing, and be able to tell what the person was looking at. Now if you imagine that those electrical impulses in the brain are radiating out of someones head, on some kinda human brain wifi network, that might explain it!

  2. if i am not mistaken the closest a human can come to actual telepathy is with twins because they share similar brainwave patterns from birth because they came from the same cell that split into two seperate lifeforms(in most cases..in other times it was two egss that got fertilized at one time) and as for a machine..i know there are machines that can pick up brainwaves but u am uncertain that there are machines that can transmit into our brains…an if so they r not scaled enough to b telepathy…an if u want to get really technical then machines r not capable of telepathy because they r not shring actualy thoughts as much as they r waves that a brain can pick up, to put it simply its programmed an not an actaul thought from person to person
    but either way telepathy is still awesome lol

  3. You will find the answers to your question inside the world of quantum consciousness. Telepathy, remote viewing, and psychokinesis are real phenomena.
    Not only that, but there exist technology that can enhance a telepathy’s abilities, electronically. Believe me, the government and the military takes this kind of thing very seriously.
    Research it.
    See: SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY And The Early Mind Wars
    NASA Research: Reading Thoughts Using Electromyography
    MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
    ENTANGLED MINDS: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality
    by Dean Radin
    by Ron McRae
    ISBN: 0-312-65231-3
    MIND AT LARGE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Symposia on the Nature of Extrasensory Perception
    by Charles T. Tart, Harold E. Puthoff, & Russell Targ
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