Home Discussion Forum could you battle ghost or other astral projections as a astral projection?

could you battle ghost or other astral projections as a astral projection?

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  1. Why would you want to? IT is my understanding that when faced with any possible threat in astral, you are immediately drawn back into your body. Contrary to what occultists, religionists, and hollywood say, the astral world is NOT rife with evil or beligerant characters waiting to get you.

  2. No. An astral projection is the mind wandering about while you are in a trance, not your energy(soul if you must use that term). As for ghosts, My belief is that when a person dies their energy is still here. Whether they haunt or not; in my opinion, is based on their willpower, a great need at death, the environment, violence causing enough emotional stress to tie them to a place and probably more things that I cant even comprehend.
    I have experienced a haunting, I have prophetic dreams and practice witchcraft. And yes It works as well as can be expected. Witchcraft is 75% positive reinforcement of our desires and 25% using our energy and will to affect the probabilities of that desire happening. And to those who would call us crazy, believing you know everything is a disorder called megalomania. Since you dont, at least have the humility to say you dont know.
    (edit) I highly doubt you can interact with the dead through astral projection, even if you can they would be the stronger energy there. I have dealt with them through necromancy and find it to be an unsettling(but effective) type of magick. Spirits are not going to bother you unless you bother them first(most cases). Trying to control or fight them is looking for trouble were you dont need to. Kind of like a skin head walking through Redhook Brooklyn.
    Unless you have some big questions to ask the dead, dont screw around with them. I use necromancy in rituals, but I dont mind dealing with them and also call on the thought forms of dark gods and dark spirits(improperly called demons). If you are not prepared to face your own inner demons dont mess with necromancy.

  3. Yes you can and if you are strong in your belief about it you will defeat your enemies easily. If you grow to understand the astro symbol of your enemy you will see how it changes things in what we call the real world.

  4. what in the world is with you people who go ‘huh’, ‘I don’t think thats possible,’ If you don’t know, than shut the f*ck up!
    Anyways, in the astral world you can do anything you want, if you want to fight, try looking for an arena of some type, heck, build one.
    Just DON’T start a fight, because your ‘street rep’ -should I say for example- will go down and you would have fighter’s looking for you.
    I would totally like to do that.

  5. Best not to delve into otherworldly things unless you are prepared for the consequences. I highly suggest not picking fights with those in that realm. Not only will you find ghosts but demons as well.

  6. A comment on meth and astral things alike. I believe that the use of meth and the dreamworld (astral) clash. we’ve been conditioned naturally and genetically that we need sleep. and sleeping is where we are the weakest and the strongest. from personal experience. being up for 8 days focusing and practiceing thought recognition with another mind near. i believe it is possible to time travel. or go back through your own personal history and find answers about yourself or find out what it is that may be bothering u at the time. one of the greatest minds and threats to humankind developed meth. He once even held the spear of Destiny. You would think he might be onto something. he didnt finish yhe job. now those who turned their back on god THREE TIMES have risen back into power and are planning to exact their revenge and have built another tower of babel (Dubai).No names need saying. we all know this to be true.


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