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Could we change our karma with positive thinking?

We are now in the times of economic and other problems. it seems to me that the only way is to think positively? How to think so when fact make pressure to us with negative informations? Also, how can our positive thoughts penetrate into our deep subsconcious mind where are the worst fears since the beggining of human race?
Also how to get rid of negative thoughts that act like computer viruses and how to have clear mind and clear and happy life?
Should we make prayers? if so, what kind of prayers are the best?


  1. You can do all the thinking that you want….but it’s the acts that counts.
    Do selfless acts and it will not go unnoticed.

  2. Yes sure, but it cannot turn our Karma all, it’s slow or fast due to our practise way and Karma is heavy or light.
    It’s better if keep perfectly 5 basic preception of Buddha.

  3. Everything starts with thinking. Pure thinking, perfect action, and truthful words, these are the three essentials in life. These definitely help.


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