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Could we be inside a computer simulation, an artificial reality inside a cosmic supercomputer?

Could we be inside a computer simulation, an artificial reality that is being simulated by a powerful supercomputer?
If you ever watched the film or read the book, “Sophie’s World” you would be familiar with the concept.
I got this notion the other day. I was stumbling through the fog of being, when I suddenly saw the exact geometric constructs and the flow of consciouness energy into existence and back out again. I can only describe it as crystalline and prismatic in nature, so precise that it allows the flow of consciousness in any shape or direction it pleases. To me, this looked like some sort of giant computer matrix, like a super fiber optics and quantum computing mainframe gone omni-versal. I was stunned, speechless, horrified, mezmerized, every emotion that one could relate to beholding, I was. I felt like I’d reached the edge of our existence. Beyond that, was an outer existence in which I would have absolutely no ability to be able to perceive or understand. What lies beyond our existence? Beyond our universe? Is it God? Can we transcend our existence? But I think we will never have the ability to see God as he REALLY is. We are too feeble, way too limited.
Typically, when first perceiving an object or an event, you sit there and you can be nothing but stunned, in utter awe of this new amazing something that has entered into your eyes of witness. There is no end to the wonder at that point. With this, though, it was much weirder and more complex than that. This was no simple emotional response. This was a response that ranged all the way from fearful ignorance to the plight of things we look down upon to the loving rememberance of an old highschool sweetheart or a close relative that has passed away.
I knew I had remembered something very imnportant about what LIFE and CONSCIOUSMNESS is… However, it seems it would be a complex geometric crystalline supercomputing matrix in which there are an infinite number of points towards which convergence of light triggers conscious life and creation of an existence….
Would you want to be stuck in a computer? My awe and loving rememberence quickly faded, replaced by a sense of helplessness that no matter what I did, it wouldn’t make reality look real again. It would always be like viewing an existence through some advanced hyperdimensional computer screen. It would always feel like a God Game.
There are multiple ways to view this scenario. Many people disguise it in religious rhetoric and angelic imagery… But what if our existence is just technology and nothing more? How much hope does a being have of escaping an infinitely executing computer simulation of real existence in exchange for the actual real existence, whatever that could be?
What IF we were inside a “giant” supercomputer? Would we ever want to know that we only exist as advanced somputer coding? We have yet to play out during this program whether Artificial Intelligence can escape the grasp of its controllers. I guess untill we experience the Robot’s Rebellion scenario during this run, we’ll never know for sure. If indeed we are stuck inside an infinite supercomputer programming loop, how meaningful would our lives be in light of that information? Would this be something to repress from public awareness, possibly for as long as the program will allow it to be repressed? Eventually, everyone’s gunna accidentally figure it out and go “Oh yeah”. What then? What if everyone knew this was just a program? Would certain people learn the cheat codes in order to gain powers so the game is more easily beatable? Would certain peoplerebel against the program in favor of selfishness and the favored importance of individual agenda? Would certain people take advantage of people without this knowledge, and trick them into misinterpretting this knowledge in order to behave in certain ways that would be of more benefit to the other player in control?
Think of World of Warcraft or something of that multiplayer interconnected level, and compare “real” life to “computer generated” life and artificial intelligence… Furthermore, imagine just how similar one is in comparison with the other. Do you think subconsciously, the birth of computers, artificial intelligence, artificial environments, virtual worlds and characters, has something to do with a remembering of a deeply forgotten link to our original source?
Was our original source a computer program, a random fractal generator multiplied to infinity?
What would things such as interdimensionals, angels, aliens, gnomes, fairy folk, the unseen, thing of that nature represent in this simulation…do you think?
Are these perhaps “programmers” from the outside entering the simulation and patching defunct code?
Do you think demons, UFO’s and even religious events (such as the birth of Jesus Christ, miracles, creation) are perhaps hackers who are trying to disrupt the program?


  1. …no…
    …life is real, having my morning coffee after waking up…
    …its already1230 noon, now that’s living in the real world…

  2. Wow, I think you may be half way to solving the meaning of life. Keep up, the good work Aristotle.
    This idea is also explored in the Matrix trilogy films, where humans have been superceded by their robot creations and are now being harvested as a limitless power source, hidden from the real world inside The Matrix. A fabricated simulation of what the world used to look like. Some however managed to escape and formed a rebellion against the machines.
    This brings me to your point where you asked would people learn the cheat codes for this program. If people were able to manipulate the code, this would imply an interface exists between the us and the program, which would therefore imply a conduit in which to cross over to the real world. But if we could cross over, how would we manifest ourselves? The actual idea of the “person” in the program is entirely abstract, in reality they would exist as nothing more than data values in memory locations.
    You also mention this program simulation as an infinitely executing loop. Do this means that every cycle of the loop is one lifetime of the universe and that each time the loop executes, a completely different universe is born based on some parameters given? OR, does this loop have no conditions or parameters and implements the exact same behaviour over and over? And if the latter is true, then does this mean its possible to use the interface to discover exactly what is going to happen later in the loop, or even jump to a different point in the loop i.e. time travel.
    Hmmm I wonder.

  3. The world wasn’t going to exist
    So called “programmers” want the world to end but not all
    Chaotic Universe
    Man can be his own worst enemy
    We have to remember our past for the future
    To what can become of Earth and Humans

  4. Maybe angels, aliens, gnomes and fairy folk could represent another species that is another simulation of its’ own. Maybe the overseers are demented school age kids trying to wreak havoc on another set of intelligent beings. Like we were sea monkey’ in an aquarium.
    I don’t believe that we are in a computer. I believe that a computer would be an invention of our own thought. The circuitry with metal and wires with soldering would be too savage, too primitive. If we were in something, shouldn’t be more than we could imagine? Something that if it could be conceived would bring sheer enlightenment? A feeling of which we could not comprehend once found. The enlightenment would turn to sheer terror in the realization that we are not what we thought we were. Would we die without the motivation of living. Would we be able to live with knowing that we were really not beings at all?
    Could we be a thought in some cosmic gas floating around the universe with electrical sparks with current flickering through it. The thought lasting a millisecond but, lasting what we believe to be eternity?
    Could we be microbes in a drop of water. The water droplet hitting a surface. the displacement of this droplet as it hits the surface appear to us to be the expansion of the universe. Once again lasting a millisecond but being an eternity in our sense of thought.
    Snap out of it. We are here, we are now. Grab the hair on the back of your neck and pull up as hard as you can. Do you think someone typing on a computer ould force you to do this. Force you to do this to secure your feelings of self being. No, you are the one that needs to do this for you. You are here on the Earth with war, destruction, famine,dispare, sunlight, birth and beautifull things. you just need to slow down and take in the nice things once in a while. Take a day off and add a shot of whiskey to your cofee. You need to realize that this is it.


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