HomeDiscussion Forumcould u possibly trap tachyon particles................?

could u possibly trap tachyon particles…………….?

and if so what containment unit would be appropriate?


  1. I just use a peanut butter jar. The key is not to wash it out first.
    It also helps if you call to them, like this: “here tachy tachy tachy…”

  2. The existance of tachyons, while theorically possible, had never been proven, however, it they did exist, they would have to have imaginary mass (the mass would have be mulitiplied by the square root of -1). They could never move slower then the speed of light, and the more energy they had the slower they would move (kind of defys logic doesn’t it).
    The only thing that could possibly contain then is your imagination. . .

  3. if string theory turns out to be any where near valid, tachyons may never be contained, but controlled or harnessed in such a way as to make fabulous time/space tools.

  4. only an anti-tachyon field could attracted them. opposite polarities attract one another. but you would have to modify a containment field of opposite field to suspend them for transport and study.

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