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could this have been my past life?

i read about past lifee regression. And for past life regression I did self-hypnotism. Though I don’t think it worked, but I had 2 flashbacks. The first flashback was someone that looked similar to me, but had darker skin. It was during the slavetrade days, and I was beside a bon-fire with friends and we were singing a song about freedom. I felt happy that we were free and that nothing could get us. And the 2nd flashback was of someone that did look similar to me too, but had lighter skin. It took place in egypt, and a piece of gold jewellery was wrapped around my head like a crown. It was a golden piece of jewellery, and it was a snake. And I was wearing a dress that egyptian princess’ would wear. I was looking out a window at something, and a boy behind me said “We will have to do it soon.”, and I said “Just give them more time.”. And those were my flashbacks. And I noticed after that flashback that I do have something for snakes. A while back I bought a bracelet that looked like a snake wrapped around my arm. As well as I have a ring that looks like a snake wrapped around my finger. Could these have been my past lives?


  1. God alone knows how dreams are manipulated. It has no other origin. One has to believe whatever is narrated by the dreamer; because there is no mechanism to verify the truth behind the dreams.

  2. Someone once said, maybe James Randi, that past lives can’t be real since there weren’t enough Egyptian princesses.
    Anyway, no, those couldn’t have been your past lives. If people could actually remember past lives we wouldn’t need historians and archaeologists.

  3. It’s my understanding that neither you nor I have had a past life …we are individually unique created life , we get only one stay here …


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