Could this have been magick?

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I was about 7 and was sitting cross legged on the floor and I imagined that I could float and I did.
If not magick than what did I do?
I was 7 and am still not a Satan worshiper..I never have. I heard magick was not of Satan.

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Emmanuel Ortega

That is Chi. Magick is only when you worship Satan and you say the magic word.


You didn’t float
It wasn’t magic


you are either magic or telekinetic. either way, pretty sweet deal, I envy you.


You are blessed with God like ability which satan can’t give / compete. Anybody who told you that was satanic were jeolous of you. I ‘d suggest study and improve your abilities more to heal other human being and help yourself magically in certain rough circumstances. Learn to concentrate and doing the same thing and sharpen your vision as well. You can do it.

Maggie W.

Magic is the proper spelling my dear. Some folks think that adding a k makes it mean something other than what it is. I think that what you did was called levitation this is an ability to make one’s self float. Mostly done by Yogis of the middle east or Hindu/yoga practitioners. That being said, having been only 7 at the time you may have been channeling your past-life when you were a Yogi. The unspoiled hearts of children are capable of great magic. Bright Blessings to you my dear…~M~
(I myself played with the Fairy folk)


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