Could this be spiritual awakening? or a test from God?

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I remerber two days ago, i started to realize God is real because of the videos i watched on youtube. i felt a presence near me. So i started crying because i could see images of jesus dying on the cross for me. I asked for forgiveness because i felt like i have failed God and doubted him so much.
And after that, my heart started hurting so much. the next day, i started to get rashes on the left side of my chest, and also the back near my heart. My breast has been hurting a bit too.
Is this spiritual awakening? or is it a test from God??!
This cant be a disease right? because it really did started after i knet down and pray to God for forgiveness. I also know this is not a punishment because although i have doubted God, and I did bad thigns to some people, but i have also done many good things to other people. So what do you think?

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Become a Christian: have no doubts about it.

Jack Mania

God revealed himself to you on youtube huh?
What a kicker.


A spiritual awakening and a test. Both. It dont matter what you do or have done. You are saved by faith and when you accept Jesus he cleanses you of all past wrongs, and now you will notice him at work in your life more.

Carlos K

>or is it a test from God??!
he/she doesn’t already know the answer?

Logic / Reason / Evidence

‘Is this spiritual awakening? or is it a test from God?’ Neither. It’s psychological – if you believe it’s a spiritual awakening or a test from God that is what you perceive. There is no God.


People get hives from stressful condition.
Put some chamomile on it and calm down; it will go away


This is not a joke: If you’re getting actual pains then I would recommend that you see a doctor. I’m not religious but I’ve never heard any other Christians talk about what you’re describing. See a doctor.

Josh Alfred

You watched videos on youtube, and suddenly thought a deity exists. All that man may know his himself and Self. Try watching these…
Awakening always takes place, it depends to what.


Youtube videos convinced you a magical god for which there is no evidence of any kind is real?
Wow, what would have happened if you had watched Lord of the Rings videos, then…would you now be believing in Sauron?
Go see a doctor. A doctor can tell you what your rash/pain is. By using science, not imaginary supernatural beings.


Hey, I cannot say that it is a test or spiritually awakening from God for only HE knows and only him, so don’t listen to what other people says for they can be working for the devil, so what i would recommend you to do is to pray to God for guidance through the Holy Sprite, and to be born again….Come to God with no secrets so tell him everything, search him with all your heart and seek his face…
Don’t give up Faith for it might be a test, ask God if it is…for based on your faith he will answer or send someone to answer you, and you will know.
If you need more help contact me in my email, and I’ll try to answer any question you send me.
God bless you!


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