Could this be Pantheism? Something else?





by zaftigger:

am agnostic atheist WRT gods. However, I do believe in healing energy and things of that nature(like reiki, healing touch, etc.), and I’m open to the possibility of there being a soul and even reincarnation or some sort of afterlife. Does that sound like any already established religion?

Answer by love


  1. No,it insults pantheism.New age silliness is all it is.Healing touch has been tested and failed to show any effect.Everything you mention defies rational and critical thought.Give up magical thinking,enter reality.

  2. It doesn’t really sound like naturalistic pantheism.
    However, if you want the benefits of a spiritual community, congregation and fellowship, but one that will allow you to explore your own unique spiritual path, and tries to limit dogma, you might want to check out the Unitarians.

  3. It sounds a lot like what I believe. I think no one has put it all together in an established religion. I wonder if anyone does, if they’ll ruin it with a lot of rules and regulations, things you have to believe that make people fight and argue and think that they are right and someone else is wrong. I can say this: that no one knows the truth – no one CAN know the truth.

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