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Could this be my Chakra?

During random times when I sit on my hand and it goes numb, I feel a vibration in it. The thing is that I can control it. Im able to guide it through my fingers and into my opposite hand, just by mentally thinking about it. Could this be my Chakra or some sort of Aura?


  1. it could be but if you have to make your hand start falling asleep then it’s not your chakra. our aura (the one that envelopes us at all times.) is not the same as our chakra. the chakras consist of seven key points in the body were there are basically megacenters of aura.
    but a person aura is mainly centered from one of these. if you have a orange aura it means that you think more from your gut and instincts then with your heart or mind. you go with your gut feelings. all aura radiates from your body and your mind. it changes color with mood and during different periods of your life. those that can see aura know how a person is feeling before that person even knows.
    if anything to answer your question i think you are feeling your magic. magic can be moved threw the body with just thinking about it. i hope this helps heres a site about the chakras.

  2. it is your body’s magnetic pulse that you have learned to manipulate. Not many reach such a level as this. There are only a small group of people able to do that. There are many non believers. I am a woman shawnee shaman. This is just the tip of the ice berg that you have stumbled on grasshopper. Study an Earth based religion and grow from here. In time you will learn that you have other gifts. You have received what us Native Americans call the awakening. Many are called but few are chosen.


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