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Could Third Eye fix information on a small distance in front of the head as on screen?

May be this is some technik connected with rotation of this chakra – a yogi practice?


  1. Somewhere in the future I think we’ll have the ability to transmit images or information to one another via a thought process and I imagine it’s probably going to be possible at some time to project things holographically also. I’m not exactly sure if you’re asking about something of that nature or if the question pertains to connecting the third eye to the data existing on front of it. If remote viewing is possible, they it seems viewing something nearby would also be possible. As the third eye opens information is more readily attained though the mind, impressions enter in carrying info, images, even sounds. While there are exercises that are said to assist in the opening of the third eye, I think it’s a natural occurence that comes along as we grasp more understanding and wisdom.

  2. yes! try going into a large room with your 3rd eye and then try putting up the screen. As for the 2nd part of your ? maybe

  3. you must see the subatomic particles of the random number generator through the third eye as tron sees them. a pixel dust diet is helpful also.

  4. Yes, because the third eye already has images fixed a few distances from our brow (a hologram). It cannot be seen in the physical realm, only in the metaphysical it can be seen – real clairevoyants can see these images clearly.
    All humans have some kind of image (symbol) projected from their 3rd eye. These symbols mark our level of ascension; meaning on a metaphysical level it shows which stage we are at reaching enlightment; and other symbols on our body (seen as a hologram aswell) show the medals (only term i can use to desrcibe it) awarded for having successfully completed a previous life’s purpose.


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