Could the Yamster be a bodhisattva?

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A bodhisattva is someone who forestalls their own personal enlightenment in order to work for the enlightenment of all sentient beings.
Once upon a time, losing an account was a major blow. Now it’s so common that most people just shake it off and start a new one. Could it be that this is all a cunning plan to teach us non-attachment?
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feed your head

Except people become attached to Yahoo.

⌡Machine HeadâŒ

I’ve never thought of it that way.
That makes perfect sense.
How utterly horrifying.

Siva is the King of Yack :-)

Wow thanks you for that.
Losing attachments to material things is one thing. but losing our attachment to knowledge and wisdom is another.
Giving VNs for accurate answers and giving BAs for snarky comments could be a part of the Yamster’s plan.
So thank you for that insight.

super bad tim to the rescue!

you’re assuming that the yamster is altruistic, but from what i’ve seen, he’s capricious. that makes him a full-fledged god of the old style.

Active Aspie

I’m sure it’s just another form of hucksterism if you ask me.

sylvia c

except now people are attached to the internet, it teaches us instant gratification.


Volleyball?? I see a chubby little Buddha smiling, about to be spiked over the net.


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