Home Discussion Forum Could the paradox of Existence be the fundamental confusion of atheist?

Could the paradox of Existence be the fundamental confusion of atheist?

Because Existence is conscious and unconscious it causes evolution which is creation. It’s consciousness is not conscious of creation while it’s unconscious evolves through evolution of form to become conscious because it is unconscious. This makes it appear paradoxical, because unconsciousness is evolving concurrently as it is evolving forms, which is also creation.


  1. There’s no confusion for this atheist. There’s zero proof of and higher being, so there isn’t.
    Evolution and consciousness/unconsciousness have nothing to do with each other.

  2. “Because Existence is conscious and unconscious it causes evolution which is creation”
    Wow, you start out with complete nonsense and it doesn’t get better at any point after that.

  3. We humans can be highly intelligent in some areas and dumb as stones in others. Or, we can refuse to consider that which is subtle and elusive. That’s the issue.

  4. Atheists aren’t confused. If they were in doubt about atheism, they would be known as agnostic.
    And why is it that so many people do not know the correct form of the word “atheist” when trying to use it in a complete sentence?

  5. I feel your pain man, I always babble like this after I’ve been hitting the rock continuously for days at a time.

  6. Huh?
    Let’s start with the basics. In English, we have a general sentence structure that is accepted. We have a subject or actor, a verb, and an object. Subjects and verbs must be in agreement. While sentences can get more complex than subject->verb->object, I recommend you stick to that structure until you can master it before building more complex thoughts.

  7. Rofl.
    Actually its to do with our powers of observation. Matter does not exist until it is observed. When matter is not being observed it remains or reverts to a potential wave of energy.
    Conscious awareness is not contained within the human body and neither are our memories. We are conscious awareness believing our selves into existence through observation.
    We believe and so we are. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  8. The confusion that atheists have is that they don’t see any proof of God’s existence. The Bible is our proof. However, some people don’t want to trust it and want to find their own way. They don’t find their own proof, even though the proof for everyone has been there the whole time. And that’s where this whole discussion came in.

  9. There isn’t a paradox to existence, at least not anywhere close to what you describe. Obviously, existence is not conscious and consciousness is not a causal factor of evolution.
    While I’m not confused, it is easy to see that your lack of knowledge is confusing you and causing you to reach conclusions that are not supported by reality.

  10. Attempting a dualist approach? Rene Descartes was a genius and failed at it when he tried. Your argument is fallacious to the point of deserving ridicule.
    You’re just trying to mask the fact that there is no proof to validate the existence of a god with some pseudo-mystical gibberish that is contradictory from beginning to end.
    In conclusion: FAIL!!!

  11. Is the word conscious your new word of the day? Conscious cannot be used in the context that you keep using it. Consciousness is human awareness. Existence and evolution are reality. It’s not a paradox. It is not confusing. You are confused because you are trying to incorporate the natural with the supernatural.

  12. “Because Existence is conscious”…
    Let’s see, if I take a large rock and smite you with it, the rock is NEVER conscious. Does it only exist when you become conscious of it? If I don’t let you see me coming and blind-side you, all you wake up with is a headache. Did the rock have existence in that case?
    You are further personifying Existence, which is a questionable action. Existence should be capitalized only as the first word of a sentence or in a book title. Little-e existence is a simple attribute that does not require personification.
    The paradox is that you appear to know a lot of big words but never learned how to use them constructively. Such a shame.

  13. Yeah, I don’t think so. Existence is having physical form with defined properties. We don’t really know what consciousness is and therefore cannot make intelligent and reliable observations about its’ evolution.


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