Could the new age movement be the Antichrist religion?

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They believe the following
There really are many paths to “God” or enlightenment, and this is reflected by the diversity of the spiritual teachers, religions, beliefS & practices available.
We are in an age of spiritual awakening and so it is natural for a busy spiritual marketplace to spring up at a time of enormous demand, and at a time when, for many, conventional religion is not providing the solution.
Modern communication systems, especially TV and the internet, are making us aware of many more spiritual possibilities than were ever available to our parents.
Teachers from different cultures are much freer and more able to take their teachings to other parts of the world. Even the tragic invasion of Tibet by China had a positive impact on the spread of Tibetan Buddhism.
There is lots of money to be made by peddling spiritual beliefs and practices. Setting yourself up as a guru, starting a new sect or even just writing a few books can be extremely lucrative, and this attracts a diversity of characters presenting themselves as spiritual teachers.
Those that are insecure or undeveloped in their spiritual wisdom have a fundamentalist outlook, which means that they hold up their beliefs as absolute truth, with all contradictory beliefs, by definition, as false. From this intolerant and insecure position they are driven to emphasis the differences between their faith and another, rather than celebrating the similarities.
Many on the path have ended up in what is called “spiritual materialism”. This creates huge demand by seekers for ever newer and more unusual teachings and courses. Spirituality becomes confused with personal development, and this encourages those who teach personal development to start presenting themselves as spiritual teachers to meet this demand.
The ego always wants to be special. Those who have not relaxed their ego during their spiritual development end up setting themselves up as special teachers. Or if they don’t become a teacher, they are attracted to teachers who possess strong ego or specialness.

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The ego wants us to be special, that sounds like the belief that Jesus is the only way to heaven, doesnt it? Take the thorn out of your own eye, btw some of what Jesus taught sounds like it came from a Buddhist master, like seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open, dont you not know, you are all gods? there are more sayings that sound new agey.
Televangelists make billions, maybe you should look at your own religion before picking apart the religion of other people.


Since the “Antichrist religion” is made-up superstitious religious nonsense, I’d say no.

Mighty Messiah

The new age movement is about love and gaining wisdom…

El Rap Daddy Martienz

The Antichrist religion is Islam.
Just think, it makes perfect sense, they believe that Jesus will return at the end times and proclaim that Islam is the true religion, I believe that this will actually be the antichrist.
Also, I believe the bible says that the antichrist will come from the middle-east.


Many paths to God is not just a new age belief. Many people who have had near death experiences come back saying the same thing, including Christians.


we always have a fore-shadowing of the real thing


There are two Bibles: one being the true Word of God; and the other the Bible of Satan.
Satan’s religion is every opposite to everything of Christ Yeshua / Yhwh.


No, the New Age movement is not the antichrist religion. I think the older established religions are just getting scared because the masses are no longer blindly following their lead and supporting their gold-lined churches. I think man-made religion is just another means of controlling people. I don’t need a church to commune with my own personal God. Some type of “Church” is good for the community though, and is a great way to get people together – but I refuse to have my religion dictated to me.
I think the New Age movement will bring about a great awakening where we will realize we truly are all one – one big creation of that which created us – once that happens there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.


i must say that i agree with a few of your new age problem spotting views. there are some spiritual “teachers” who parade their so-called powers around like a new mink coat. But i must respond to the points you stated about the matter of new age spiritual seekers; that they hold up their beliefs as absolute truth and observe all other contradicting views as false. now correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t these “rules” also apply to Christianity? when speaking to a Christian or one of similar religious belief when mentioning the views of older civilizations the reply is almost always the same. The ones that claim they are Christians say that since they believed in more then one God that they are wrong. In response to that statement Christianity follows the same standard do they not? Christians believe in a all powerful god, and a messiah, and saints that people pray to. other religions do the same thing they just dont use the same descriptive terms that modern people use. my point is that no matter how people try and argue whos right or wrong, it doesnt matter because we are not in the afterlife we are right here on this planet to live our lives. if god exist or doesnt it really doesnt change the things that happen to us. if a athesist gets terminal cancer he dies, if a muslim gets terminal cancer her dies, if a Christian gets terminal cancer he too also dies. faith gives us the power to believe in something that we cant control but we can take and use to benifit ourselves with. i have never seen a buddist tv avangielist have you?

edwah zephaniah

She ‘s one of the harlots of the Mother

Bill Cosby

2012 is real!!! The world will end!


What kind of music do you like to listen to during meditation?

I really like Reiki and Kelly Howell Does anyone know anything else that can be use full?


Does any one Know any thing about them and how to make protectoin amulets if no one minds

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