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Could the negative energy coming from the people (who love us) affect our life?

My mother has lived a very miserable and passive life because of her negative way of thinking about the problems (which I think she adopted since her childhood). Although she is such a faithful, generous and lovely one, I suppose the negative energy coming from her worries about our future, is affecting me and my siblings lives and preventing us from achieving our dreams (even though I always try to take a positive attitude in my life).
I don`t think that I am morally dependent on her and I have been living abroad since 2.5 years ago and to be honest, I even rarely think of her. But everybody knows she is so dependent on her children and always thinks about them.
While we talk on the phone (once a week), even though I always try to seem happy and assure her about my life and she tries to hide her worries, I know that she always feels so worried about my future. How could I prevent this negative energy affecting my life?


  1. You have already made a significant step … recognizing a mother’s influence as being powerful, and making conscious efforts to counteract her negative influence… Your consciousness and intention will guide you.

  2. It was said that all parents have one job and one job only – worry.
    Perhaps it requires a different perspective, call it “love” instead of “worry”, then accepting and responding to it would be a little easier. If one is willing to play pretend with appearance, then it should be no problem to play pretend with the perspective.
    BTW, seeming happy and being happy are too very different things, and people could hear the differences over the phone.

  3. I know from personal experience that the negative energies from people around me affect my life. What I try to do is to channel that energy away from me – through something like sports, exercise, writing…That way I can stay strong enough to help the people who need me and the people I care about. Its hard to have someone depend on you and be aware that it is ok to stop sometimes and say “i need a break”
    as has already been said, you have taken a step towards countering those negative energies by acknowledging where they come from.

  4. I can relate to this. There is not much you can do, I’m afraid. Just because you are living far away from your mother will not make you immune to her negative energy. Adopt a spiritual live and try to focus on higher things. The negative energy will fade away eventually.


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