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Could studying lucid dreaming lead to virtual reality while sleeping?

If someone was to study lucid dreaming, could they make a virtual reality where everyone can get in it and do whatever? The more and more I think about it, life is like a program, and when we learn programs, we can tap that into life. I think Quantum physics and computer programming will come together where we can program life.


  • That would be awesome! Can you imagine how much more fun role playing would be? I could just slip into the character of Kate but then I’d quickly get bored and go back to writing…

  • Lucid dreaming is kinda like virtual reality.
    But not quite because the subconscious is still putting its opinions in the mix.

  • First of all I love your avatar!

    Secondly what a cool idea. I am a frequent lucid dreamer and am interested in this as well.

    Have you seen the film Caprica? It is the prequel to the Battle star Galactica series. Caprica deals with this idea. It shows people wearing a device that takes them to a virtual reality / lucid dream world where they can do what ever they wish. It is disturbing what people will do when they don’t have to face the consequences.

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