Home Discussion Forum Could someone please explain all these terms to me...?

Could someone please explain all these terms to me…?

You can just do some if you dont know all, if you label yourself as one of these it would be great to hear your interpretation. please dont just direct me to wikipedia or something because i’ve already had a look and i dont quite get it, and wikipedia is biased anyway. thanks xxx
Traditional witch
Neo Shaman


  1. That is a tough one…Lol…you’re probably gonna get hate answers from hardcore christians…trust me Lol
    Sorry can’t answer them all…i do know that a traditional witch is a person (woman and man ) practicing witchcraft. (often shown in the image as an elderly lady with a black cat (the cat being the familiar))
    Witches started to name themself as Wiccans or Pagans depending on their belief or religion that they follow. Paganism is an ancient religion and practice, however, wicca, is a new religion and a modern version of Paganism.
    The Wiccan goddess Hecate is oftenly shown as an elderly lady like i decribed above…that’s where witches got their reputation from i guess…i don’t know i’m guessing lol.
    I don’t really study religion cus it causes wars and hatred due to people disagreeing this often…i am an atheist practicing magick but i don’t follow a religion…maybe someone will know how to answer better…sorry


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