Home Discussion Forum Could someone please describe to me what consciousness is?

Could someone please describe to me what consciousness is?

Our ability to perceive, imagine, predict and comprehend begs the question; is it true that we are more than the sum of our parts?


  1. we are more than the sum of our parts because you asked the question and because i answered it and because i didn’t capatalize any of my letters. also consciousness is beautiful and really should be taken care of. faith is a project. really time goes on but we need to have faith in time and make the world go round. how do we do this? be aware but also be comfortable. as what i think.

  2. It’s one of those ‘does god exist’ questions, something that cannot be proven either way. There will be arguments for and against and both will be equally strong but personally i do believe consciousness is spirit. It’s that part of us which is aware of being aware and an understanding of mechanics of the mind helps us to understand it better. The mind seems to have separate levels of consciousness, and each has it’s interaction with our centre of awareness, however in many different mind studies it can be found that certain negative practices can control our awareness of awareness unit, (brainwashing as an example) and positive practices can put our awareness of awareness in control of our lives, our relaionships, our environment and even our luck.
    To those who have never experienced these levels in action, or never recognised these levels in action they would not be able to understand that the mind alone can change circumstances normally believed to be outside of our control, but to those who have experienced this they will have no doubt that awareness of awareness is spiritual.

  3. Consciousness could be called self-awareness in a functional sense; while it means something slightly different the two go hand-in-hand. Self-awareness tests often include showing an animal (or child) an image of itself (or a mirror) and seeing if it reacts the same as it does to a non-self image, ie. if it realizes what it is.
    The ability to perceive is a function. The ability to comprehend is a higher function. The ability to predict is a higher function. Consciousnesses might be called the integration of all these functions. Are we more than the sum of our parts? No, and sort of yes. Through study of the brain we can trace any given function to its components. We cannot trace consciousness itself (though there is “background” activity, which is often associated with daydreaming, which is probably closest to this). Consciousness is a system-level attribute; you need a variety of connected systems to be sentient.
    I’m not really that clear on this. Nobody can say for sure, though it is more a philosophical argument than psychological because we do not have a grasp of how to quantify consciousness yet.

  4. We are a receptive device within a sea of information. Our consciousness is this vessel of reception. However, this vessel is very limited due to the quality that operates it. We are controlled by an internal quality called Egoism (Unconditional Love of Self), which distorts the reality we currently perceive within our consciousness. Everything within our consciousness distorted by this quality. If we manage to change this internal quality of Egoism into Altruism (Unconditional Love of Others), we expand our consciousness to perceive outside of our selfish little box we call “this world”. Check these links out:


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